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One pimp to rule them all: The pimp of all pimps. A pimp so powerful, he has control over every living soul on the planet.
In order to become the Über-Pimp, Gendo Ikari played the song "1999" by Prince in the year 2000, causing a shockwave in the Space-Time Continuum that wiped out half of the entire human population.
by Reichu May 11, 2005

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The flexible cavity connecting the uterus to the outside of the body -- i.e., the vagina.
"Tonight, I'm taking my first trip into the Tunnel of Love! That is, if Cynthia is feeling hospitable..."
by Reichu July 30, 2005

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A mental or visual masturbatory aid; someone who you look at (a picture of) or think about when you masturbate. From the Japanese term okazu, which originally referred to a side dish that is eaten with one's rice, but acquired a second, sexual meaning (not unlike bukkake).
1) Hikari isn't innocent! She uses Toji as a side dish every night -- and sometimes during the day!

2) Mmm! That guy is the best side dish I've never tasted!
by Reichu June 04, 2005

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The "active" partner in certain sexual acts (the one doing the "giving"). Often refers to the penetrative partner in homosexual intercourse.
Sometimes I like to take it up the poop chute, but most of the time I'm the giver.
by Reichu June 27, 2005

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(1) The intense opposition of the phenomenon of shipping.
(2) A strong opposition to a particular character pairing.

n. anti-shipper: One who anti-ships.

v. anti-ship: To anti-ship.
(1) After suffering through 700 shipping threads on anime forums, I finally gave into temptation and initiated an anti-shipping campaign. But the shippers bitched so much that those asshat admins banned me for trolling.

(2) Why aren't there more Shinji/Rei anti-shippers? That relationship is wrong on SO many levels.
by Reichu September 12, 2005

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The loose "pouch" of skin on a cat's abdomen.
Whenever he tried to touch the cat's farfle, the feline viciously attacked him.
by Reichu May 11, 2005

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The blazing inferno that one might inadvertantly plunge into by having a prolonged letter or e-mail based correspondence with another -- and then repeatedly failing to execute satisfactorily complete replies ("I'll type up a more thorough response later"), resulting in a nearly indomitable accretion of material to address in future correspondences. Getting out of Reply Hell can be a task of Herculanean proportions, but, like the slaying of the Nemean Lion (or the viewing of the "Dungeons & Dragons" movie from 2000), it is not ENTIRELY impossible.
"I WOULD ask you to elaborate upon the culinary significance of the Arcturan Megadonkey, but you're deep enough in Reply Hell as it is."
by Reichu September 10, 2005

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