A disease pretending to be a video game (In this case, Tetris).
I love to play Tetanus!
by bat_hero May 1, 2009
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When you involuntarily fart so bad your asshole flowers and you use wet ones for a week.
My wife farted so hard her lu lu lemons looked like a reverse moose knuckle. That’s a definite tetanus fart
by Brididdle April 29, 2018
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If you get a prostate exam, and your doctor tries to give you the reach around.
I had to get a new doctor, he tried to give me a tetanus shot but I wasn't having it.
by grambler February 3, 2010
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An increasing amount of electrical shocks to the muscle causes the muscle to contract in such a way that before it can fully relax it is electrically stimulated again. This causes summation effect where contractions get stronger and stronger the more the muscle fiber is shocked.
For example, in a lab the muscle fiber was shocked 15 times per second which caused the fiber to be in a state of incomplete tetanus.
by 5m0k3 October 1, 2009
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