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A teacher's dream that allows them to screw around his/or students and not have to teach.
"Man Mrs. Johnson is such a bitch ever since she got her tenure. Now that mean, old, and ugly bitch can wear short skirts and ass tight low cut shirts that show off her fake tits. Basically, she can do anything besides screwing or killing one her students and have no worries about being fired."

"My Chemistry teacher called my friend a f'ing dike and the teachers punishment was only a slap on the wrist because that bitch got tenure."

"OMG my teacher took a DUMP in my friends seat and made this kid eat her feces. She would have got fired if only she didn't have that bs tenure."
by MxPx_Fan November 08, 2005
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Something college professors get when they are offered a life-time position at a college.
I have tenure so I can conduct my class however I want without worry of being fired

Man, once I get tenure I won't have to worry about being unemployed ever again.
by DesPERRYado November 01, 2004
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an acronym that stand for:

Totally Exempt from Needing to Use Real Effort
my professor is completely awful because he's tenured
by briarmoss April 12, 2010
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a Godless action taken by colleges and universities across America to keep their teachers and professors from leaving their institutions to work elsewhere by guaranteeing their "right to work" for life at the college and/or university of their chosen employment. the reason this is "Godless" is it allows the teachers and professors to teach their own perverted agendas which therefore brainwashes our youth to believe personal lies over generally accepted unalienable truths, that made America great in the first place.
bill: i hate my political science professor. if i don't believe what he believes, he'll flunk me, and i do not agree with him at all politically. the man's a communist and believes in collective thought.

chip: you are stuck with him, my friend, as he has tenure. he can't be fired, so you either need to drop out of his class entirely and find another instructor or be his slave and go with the flow against your own conscience or let him flunk you. isn't America GREAT?
by adam812 January 26, 2014
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