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1. An affliction that disrupts economies of academic production that is most commonly observed amongst academics who have received tenure and give no fucks about 'outcomes', 'metrics' and basically getting any measurable shit done. Not to be confused with laziness or incompetence, or even aloofness; the causes are usually benevolent, but symptoms manifest towards early career researchers that have never known the luxury of free thought. Secondary symptoms can include,

1a. The affliction contributes to bizarre and sometimes non-sensical claims from research data that may, or may not exist, but have to be argued against anyways.

1b. The affliction may create relations where tenured academics end up peer-reviewing their own work through various boards, committees and editorial guidance to ensure their old ideas continue to circulate and are counted towards publication schemes, even if they're not sure what this means.
"'Did we get that paper in for publication on time?' 'No, prof. x Tenuritis' was acting up so no one gets the publication point'"
"My work with you shows that I'm interested and willing to collaborate on this project, however my tenuritis prohibits me from creating outcomes that will help you secure employment"
"I can't wait to get Tenuritis! I'm going to collage the shit out of some landscape paintings and then have my board buy them up and then BOOM - I'm Bric-Γ -bracking my way to head of school!"
by ECRfodder November 08, 2013
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