The sticky floppy bits of an octopus that hang from its butt.
Man, look that that octopuses tenticles.
by stickynips October 15, 2015
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A very great version of Hentai that is artistic in the way it depicts the innocence and beauty being destroyed by the monster

(Like you never felt like a hidius monster in front of a beautiful girl)

Eather that or just an ultra cool way to see girls being fucked both are good! :)
by Solid Dragon August 25, 2003
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See doppleganger.
The labia minor which has been pummeled to the extent where the dermis hangs down 6 to 14 inches.
After fisting your mother for 48 hours she has a tenticle twat.
by Shizza October 15, 2003
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where you grab a tenticle and put it so far up your ass it comes out your mouth and you look like an octopus
cuzco gave me a tenticle porn video and it made my tenticle happy
by tenticles....... September 28, 2009
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Octopus Tenticle (Octo, puss; Tent, ikle) An uncircumcised penis. A penis with foreskin still attached greatly resembles octopus tenticle.
Ohh gross Hank just touched me with his octopus tenticle! FREAK!!!!!!!
by Dan Finnegan April 27, 2007
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1. A strange asian cartoon involving 10 year old girls with DD breasts and an alien with tenticles
2. What Colin Goss Loves
Oh jeez, Colin loves Tenticle Hentai so much that he showed it too his mom...then she told Kristina to marry him. She did and they lived happily ever after in the sea where there were plenty of tenticles to go around.
by billy bob web May 22, 2003
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Insurance that will cover you in the event that any form of tenticle un-consensually penetrates you.

Slogan: We can't heal your scars, and we can't help you regain your virginity, but we will help you through this.
"Dude, what's wrong, you're walking kinda funny?"
"Ugh, I was swimming and this giant squid shoved a tenticle up my ass."
"You were raped by a squid?"
"Pretty much."
"Good thing I have Tenticle Rape Insurance, they'll help me through this."
by TimPestilence July 25, 2009
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