The evolution of Octomom's name necessitated by media's need to resuscitate new life into decaying carcass of a story about a single, unemployed, welfare recipient mother of six children who goes on to have even more fertility treatments on the government's dime and gives birth to octuplets, without any real concrete or solid plans for how she is going to be able to support herself and 14 children.
Live at 6, a round table discussion of Octo's upcoming roll to star in her own porn with spelunking midgets and donkeys!
by TK_what_what March 5, 2009
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Big Tiddy Goth GF. Best girl, thicc loli. Has good memory, will fuck you up if you mess with her wife.

Very adorable though.
Octo is being an octHOE.
Ily 2 octo.
by StrugglingOctopus October 10, 2018
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Short for octopussy

Used to describe someone who is a pussy
Fucking hell, sarah stop being such an octo and steal that juul already
by penis8228 July 11, 2019
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- octo - a prefix for anybody who is an absolute whack job-
- as in octo-neighbor
"that octo neighbor of ours called the cops again for parking near her house again"
by db's cooper March 31, 2009
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A pile of meat when you "have it your way" at Burger King and ask for the BK stacker with 8 patties & the fixin's.
I saw a guy on youtube in two octos, they called it the "bi-octo".

Dude, I don't feel so good I just had an octo at BK. I'm sweating meat-musk and I feel like I am going to crap blood...
by SeedsofLife December 20, 2006
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A monster made of only eight penises that has to constantly jack it's self off to remain alive. this beast was created by the evil Chin Chin during the Wank dynasty sixty nine thousand years ago.

It was this Gay Octo that inspired H.P Lovecraft to write is infamous short story, call of Cthulhu.
OH NO! it's the Gay Octo! we are doomed. only god can save us now!
by Archduke of Douchebags January 9, 2019
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