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noun-The psychokinetic ability to do a mind-blowing punch while time is frozen
verb-To do a dynamic mind-blowing punch while time is stopped
noun-Master Furon taught the Temporal Fist to Crypto in Destroy All Humans 3: Path of the Furon
noun-Master Furon's Temporal Fist and Captain Falcon's Falcon Pawnch collided and the Temporal Fist won.( for Captain Falcon lovers He's cool but I just wanted to get on my friends nerves with this example)
verb-Master Furon Temporal Fisted Crypto into a wall.
by BloodshedBito June 10, 2009
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The most epic word in all the world, which is mostly used to make friends laugh, break awkward silences, and what preschoolers say when they watch barney. ( the second most epic word is epiphany)
Kid 1: (silence)
Kid 2: (silence)
Kid 3: .............RAWR
Kid 1 and 2: hahahahaha
by BloodshedBito June 11, 2009
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A bunch of guys sitting in a circle masterbating and the last guy to ejaculate eats everybody elses "Wookie Cookies"
Ted the Red Dead Bounty Hunter was the last in the circle to ejaculate, so he was soon faced with a mouthful of Wookie Cookies.
by BloodshedBito June 11, 2009
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