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(v.) To lose one's cool; become really pissed off. The idiom is in reference to a pressure cap popping off, usually resulting in a nasty burn or imminent explosion. Thus, the person who caused the pop off is about to get told or be destroyed, depending on the nature and severity of the inflammatory incident.
James: Vernie, your little wigga child is uuuuugly.
Vernie: No you di'int, heeeyll no, heyell no, heyell nah, heyell no, you said what, naaah, heyell no, heyell no, heeeyeeeell, no, etc.
{Vernie has popped off at James' comment}
Boss: Dave, I know you're a family man, but I need you to come in Saturday... aaaaand Sunday, and stay late every night this week.

Dave: That's cool boss, I'm just gonna need your head in a fucking drill press while I go to work on your nuts with some bolt cutters and run an arc torch down your spine after I've nailed your feet to the floor with a remington power driver.

Boss: Okay Dave, no need to pop off now, I'll get Clarence to do it.
by testicles...that is all July 31, 2008

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Euphamism/idiom used in describing someone so hot you would eat their poo in reference to the infamous "two girls one cup" video that made more people puke than Rosie O'Donnell in a lingerie... an impressive feat.
Blanka: That stripper was ridiculously hot. If she didn't have like 23 STD's I'd one cup her.

Guile: Shit that just adds to the flavor man, I'd totally 1 cup her. Sonic Boom!
by testicles...that is all November 04, 2007

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1.) The unstoppable political machine that shattered the uninstalled glass ceiling on the Executive Branch of the White House, headed by Barack Obama
2.) Any similar unstoppable force, especially political
Guy 1: Obama's gonna appoint the same cabinet Clinton had. We gotta stop him! He promised change!
Guy 2: You can't stop him. He's the Obamanaut, bitch!
Guy 1: Economic Stimulus? Isn't that just handing our problems to our kids?
Guy 2: It rewards the middle class, it's gonna pass. It's an Obamanaut, bitch!
by testicles...that is all November 25, 2008

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1.) used to describe an object or person that is so good/fine you could copulate with it/them.
2.) to say something is so good it could take the place of copulation (without increasing the population, but better than masturbation, in our nation... ation)
1.) Beyonce's body might be bootylicious, but Vida Guerra's body is copulicious.

2.) After smoking a blunt, most fast food can be found to be copulicious (or brownies, or cookies, or any food really).
by testicles...that is all October 03, 2007

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One who is adept at smartitistics, or exhibits general smartitude. Can usually be distinguished by the use of big words, mad math skills, and typically some geeky association like physics clubs, chess clubs, or Nobel Laureates.
Guy: Hey Linus, let's go boozin!

Linus (the smartitician): Whilst an evening of inebriated debauchery and possible altercations over ambrosial brews might prove gladdening, I must season myself tonight for the chess championship this weekend then complete my dissertation proving String Theory.

Guy: Dude... you need to kill some brain cells.
by testicles...that is all December 05, 2007

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Mixer of Scope(tm) brand mouthwash and Scotch. Taken from the Comedy Central Show "Secret Girlfriend."
Phil: "Dude, Scope is not a mixer."
Sam: "Maybe to you it's not. I mix it with scotch, call it 'scotche.'"

(Random Lesbian makes out with Sam): "Mmm... tastes like a Girl Scout Cookie."
Sam: "That's my scotche."
by testicles...that is all October 24, 2009

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Combination of the big five swear words: shit, fuck, bitch, damn, and ass. Used to express extreme frustration or emphasis (as an adjective)
That shifubidamass boss of mine is being a shifubidumbass.
by testicles...that is all October 13, 2006

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