The, used in front of something cool.
I went to teh mall today and it was teh kewlz.
by Caroline April 20, 2004
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used in the elma community when referring to something that was already mentioned. sort of like 'it' or 'that'
that move is impossible.. how do you do teh?

anyone seen batman yet?
ye i've seen teh

would anyone like to suck my balles?
ok i'll suck teh for you
by jaytea June 26, 2005
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A word that is used to describe something awewsome or to be used when bored to start a conversation.
Example 1

Bob: That was totally teh
phil:i know wasnt it

Example 2
Phil: how are you?
by dukehouse October 16, 2010
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Originally a typo, but then turned out for people actually using it as a word. Typically people trying to be "cute" but seriously, just don't say "teh".
(other name): no
by sb.is.high March 09, 2018
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The sound one makes when disgusted or annoyed by someone of a lower status.
Dexter: Hey dude! Wanna do homework together!
Carson: Teh.
by Bigsby Onions March 31, 2015
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