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The act of throwing rolls upon rolls of toilet paper over/around/in trees, on cars, over the house, and on the lawn. This is often done by minors towards their friends, neighbors, or acquaintances. This act usually includes other items, such as eggs(see Egging), bird feed, corn kernels, honey, forks, spoons, honey, bologna, and anything else one wishes to use against their victim. Note that bologna removes paint from cars when it dries.
Hey I got back at Joe for teepeeing my house, you should go take a look at his haha.
by TheJoshinator December 10, 2007
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The act of one person, whilst in a public place, digitally penetrating another’s anus without consent. Often performed by a female onto a male victim.
Male 1: β€œOh my god that lady with the fringe just stuck her finger up my ass!”

Male 2: β€œHoly fuck you just got a teepeeing?”

Male 1: β€œI feel so ashamed.”
by Chicken Supreme July 23, 2018
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