Egging is fun prank that the youth of today enjoy alot. It is the art of throwing eggs, usally at cars, houses and sometimes people. Its really annoying, stinks and is a bitch to clean off. But its fun to do, to watch people shout at you and looks great when the egg explodes all of a surface, even better if its a person! When you throw loads of eggs at one thing it is called slaugtering. It is usally done on halloween.
"Lets go egging tonight"

"We just slaughtered that guys car!"
by {~Forrest~} October 30, 2005
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When a girl curls up into an egg shape then planting her face onto ground while a male with penis or female with strap on then either screws the girl in the vegina (thanks to the angle) or analy, like doggie style.

"The Egg Position"
Kelly: "Hey Jess, wanna start Egging?"

Jess: "Sure thing Kelly! kitchen or the living room?"

Kelly: "Either rooms good" (wink)

Kelly: "We can always do the next room tomorrow"

Jess: "Who's cleaning up the mess though?"

Kelly: "Ummmm........Tash will, since, after all, shes our slave"
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Inserting ones testicles into the anal sphincter during sexual activity or can be used as an attack against rapists, and politicians.
by Jrocbaby January 14, 2015
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Ben was egging when he chose the option for longer hours and less pay
by luckyzip April 06, 2017
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Another Word For Masturbating, Used In Both Male And Female Context. Used In A Joke Manor. Called 'Egging' Because Of The Colour And Texture Of The Ejaculate.
Man 1 - Dude, Stop Egging Over That Girl
by BatmansButler May 23, 2012
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The process of covering other foods with eggs, thus egging it.
chicken and chips covered in eggs and cheese, is an example of egging something
by eggman2009 June 03, 2009
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The most awesome Turkish name you can ever find. If you have seen this name stop running away and ask for an autograph.
Girl 1: Have you seen that Turkish boy over there? Girl 2: Yeah.. I think that's Ege, he's so cool.
by IhawtUnawt July 21, 2009
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