What you say when your bruh makes a change that is contradictory to what he previously stated due to the influence of others.
Bruh 1: "Man, those shoes you got on are ugly"
(Sees a picture of Kanye wearing them")
"Yo, looks like we got the same kicks, Lets take a pic!"
Bruh 2: "All of a sudden fam"
by brownguy98 December 27, 2016
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A stupid variation for "all of a sudden", which people who are stupid use.
All of the sudden, Matt corrected me when I said 'all of the sudden'
by Name NOT Being Used July 28, 2008
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It's "all of a sudden", but cooler.
Shazaib: "All the sudden, I discovered that Mahmoud was a virgin..."
Everyone Else: "Damn."
by Shonzarc May 26, 2019
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1. When join a trend they never would have done before

2. Jumping the bandwagon

3. To unexpectedly like something
My friend Dupree, is an all of a sudden guy, he use to say how much he hated fortnite and now, he is playing fortnite 24/7. Tell me is not an all of a sudden guy!
by Dragon eyes November 7, 2018
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