To fart in place.

To expose smelly gas.
I gotta tear hardcore dude. Its gonna stink.
by foofo May 23, 2005
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To be "one" wit the sheep from the big farm of Auckland, NZ.
"Gee, you sure tearsed that sheep!" "Yeah, it was an evenflow ;)"
by merthileth April 09, 2003
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The act of a person continuously partaking in sexual activities throughout several days.
Gordon went on an absolute tear last week.
by Haywoodjablowmi13! February 22, 2021
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Tears are caused when something is deeper then words or actions can deal with.

Tears roll down your face when something or someone shook your emotions to the point you broke down short of breath and restless.

Tears can be used in any situation... Happy, sad, traumatic etc.

People see tears as a useless and reputation ruining thing but in reality tears are the only thing here in your darkest moments, always there for you and never going to leave.

I'm conclusion tears are wonderful things that show great emotion and can be a solution to most issues even if it isn't the best. They can leave great effect, good and bad and will never leave you.
"Tilly had tears stream from her eyes reading the letter her mum left her"
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