The means by which masculine will power is overcome by feminine water power.
"Hey did you see the tears on Jim's face?"

"Yeah, and if I never saw his junk in the gym locker room, I would say he's a woman."
by tomrom September 26, 2013
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A verbalized emote used to express displeasure or sadness with something. From the online emote ::tear:: or *tear*, or with a little face ;_; or :*(.
"Tear! I wanted that color hair dye, but they're all out!"
by Kaiyan April 24, 2007
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1. To pull apart or rip open something.
2. A drop of the clear salty liquid that is secreted by the lachrymal gland of the eye to lubricate the surface between the eyeball and eyelid and to wash away irritants.
1. My clothes were full of tears
2. I cried tears of happiness when I found out that Billy was finally coming home.
by ArsenicTears March 01, 2006
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An adjective to describe an awful, embarrassing, sad, terrible situation/place/thing.
1. Did you see that girl Mike was with yesterday? ... Tears

2. Detroit... Tears

3. That Godzilla movie was tears
by Corporal Tears May 22, 2008
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When the bachelor is on and people start to cry because the wrong person was picked.
When the two are about to know the fate of marriage and one gets ducked over and the snotty ass one gets picked then the tears come.
by Surfer_boy March 01, 2010
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Liquid sorrow that your eyes excrete.
Oh oh oh ah, the tears are rolling down my cheeks! Oh oh oh ah, liquid sorrow that my eyes excrete!

(All credit to the geniuses at Auto Tune the News)
by pablo61 June 24, 2010
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to have sex so hard, the vagina, or anus is noticeably loose.
(future reference) "i'm so going to tear her ass up tonight"
(past tense) "i tore that ass up"
by Christian Anthony Perez April 11, 2012
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