Hair Dye colors your hair. It comes in many shades, nautral (blond, brown, etc.) and unnaurtal (orange, green, pink, red, blue, etc.) There is three kinds, Perminate which stays in forever, Semi-perminate which will fade out, and wash out which will wash out after three of four washes. There are many brands of hair dye and they can be found at your local target, walmart, any stores like that, also at Hot Topic, Discontent, etc. There is also highlighters and lowlighters.
Girl one: Damn, my hair color is boreing. I think we should pick up some hair Dye and change it.
Girl two: What color do you want?
by Jordan Toxic March 2, 2006
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Most probably a nickname for a girl called lowri. Only nickname her this if shes dyed her hair at least 8 times.
Hair dye is lowri's life.
by $aved November 3, 2020
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When an old man with a very long grey beard braids his beard into braids and proceeds to shove the braided beard into a woman's asshole, leaves it in there for a few hours, and pulls it out, leaving his beard brown rather than grey.
Gandalf: my grey beard makes me look old
Frodo: go Gandalf's hair dye it
Gandalf: thankyou Frodo, can you help me unbraid it when I'm finished
by VirgilVanDijk4 May 4, 2020
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A chronic condition spread by Jewish media causing affected patients to seek attention and quirky traits. This usually causes them to take on characteristics that aren't necessarily their own to seem interesting or make new categories that don't exist for their own self indulgence and delusional ideations. Presenting reality and factual statements with the support of science often unfuriates these individuals who meet these statements with hostility. They often have a thin veiled grasp of reality and it physically hurts them to hear the truth
Don't pay any mind to Rachael; formerly Richard... she suffers from Liberal Hair Dye Brain Rot. It causes her to not understand reality unless it's presented on twitter...
by Beef Titan 69 March 31, 2022
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Hair dye made with kool aid or other candy/drink mixes in prison because inmates aren’t allowed actual hair dye
She had red jailhouse hair dye when she got out of prison.
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