A boy who is the cutest ever. If you get the chance to meet a dj, dont let him go. He is so worth it, be careful though cause you will definitely fall for him. He is the sweetest most kind boy ever.
1: Ahhh, did you SEE dj?

2: OMG, yes! Isnt he so cute?!?!
1: YES! and soooooo nice too. I think I'm falling in love...
by loveyouuwu1909 March 30, 2019
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hes one of the most caring people, he will always be there for you through tough and thin. hes one of the most funny people you will ever meet. if you need a smile just talk to dj because he will put a smile on your face.
dj is so funny
by djsgirlfriend January 6, 2020
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a person every girl wants their clit rubbed , scratched , tone played & fingered and if they know how to do special tricks, buy him a ring and marry him
Girl i just met this guy who is a “DJ” last night, and i think im ready for marriage
by Tommy Jacketson March 27, 2021
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To stimulate a clitoris with two fingers, as if scratching a record.
I was getting down on this girl and I went all dj on that shit.
by echolaelia September 6, 2005
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1. a person that can mix music from two or more sources at the same time, but it appears to be a single song from an outside observer
2. a person with enough balls to get up in front of a crowd of people and attempt to be 100% all the time, or else people will know
3. someone with musical ability to build up throughout their set, a sense of feeling, rythym and happiness from the proper selection of tracks
Tiesto, Eric Morillo, Paul Van Dyk, Judge Jules and David Morales are all examples of a DJ.
by GTI_Guy September 15, 2006
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Short for "disc jockey". Those on the radio tend to fill the time between songs with nonsense information that is irrelevant or the weather.
Those that spin discs tend to suffer inexplicably from a random happiness for no particular reason.
1. That dj is playing some whack music
2. The guy who announces on that radio station is a crap dj
by bridgenie August 21, 2005
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