to be the ruler in your relationship with your girl, she is your servant and you are her boss.
- I own her cause yesterday I told her "Bitch bring me a ice cold bud light or i will smack ur ass"

- I own her cause I said we try anal sex today and what i said will be done
by tom_pAT December 15, 2011
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When a man is trying to impress strangers on the internet because his wife doesn’t give him the validation he desperately seeks, he often resorts to telling women (especially on twitter) that he owns their wetness (plural) or owns her wetness (singular).

Owning her wetness is actually impossible. Nobody can own her wetness. Her wetness is not ownable. Only sad, lonely, married men ever unironically say that they own anyone’s wetness.

This condition dates back to 2018 and there is currently no known cure. Research into the early warning signs of saying dumb things like, “I own her wetness,” is ongoing.
Owning (her) wetness on the internet saved my marriage.

A gentleman always holds the door to let a lady go first THEN offers to own her wetness.

Own her wetness by blocking her then stalk all her tweets from your alt.

Woman on twitter:

Man on twitter: I own your wetness

Woman on twitter: ew, fuck off, dumbass

One small step for man, one giant leap for owning her wetness.

Indiana Jones and the Quest for Her Wetness.

Star Wars Episode V: Her Wetness Strikes Back.

Him: I want to own your wetness.

His wife: You do, honey.

Him: Not you.
by Mrs. Steve Buscemi October 31, 2019
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A person who rolls off a brother or a girl for their own ultimate benefit. Some one who doesn't have your back and will cut you loose to avoid problems. Sex that is desired to be mutually beneficial but is meant to be ultimately gratifing for one person, even if the others person's needs are omitted.
"That girl is all out for her own."
by suburban cougar June 2, 2007
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A mature, sexy crazy classy cool chick/WOMAN that has GOT HER OWN.. meaning she can take care of herself, her business, her own shit. She got everything down on her OWN. She don't need no man or anyone else, cause she is independent. She can take responsibility for her own grown ass actions and can pay her own bills and has has the maturity as well as the presence of someone handlin they business. Respected Lady forsure.
She don't need his money, SHE GOT HER OWN.
She doesn't need his car, and house, cause she got her own.
by Classycrazycool September 3, 2010
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Convincing a woman who is too good for you that she is not good enough for you. Making her jump through hoops when she has better offers on the table.
I plan to tell her to come over and talk to me some time if she is interested. She will chase her own tail for 20 minutes before some rich guy might send her a couple of martinis.
by cuteschoolgirl May 20, 2010
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A homeless and/or jobless methed out used and abused female. One who posts numerous selfies with meth mouth labeled "gangsta" or "thug life". Also one who posts body shots showing off her weight loss progress.... delusionally thinking nobody knows the dramatic 230 pound drop in weight in 6 short months was meth induced. A bitch who has an ugly face but an even uglier nonmoral heart and will use and abuse every anyone around her for her next sneaky plot to manipulate them. One who throws pitty parties on the regular and can't seem to draw an eyebrow correctly... instead making a thin straight long black line above her eyes and calls it good. Bitch that can't spell.
Whoa! That bitch is 2 hood 4 her own good yo!
by Cuntpuke April 3, 2016
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