Beautifull, exotic, feminine princess, dreams of being smart, funny, clever, will love u endlessly, fun, never stop, athletic, skilled, pretty, she will be the next big thing, great friend, very athletic, soon to beat u all at everything!! many friends, boys havnt caught on yet.
Tayler is getting up there on the hot list
Told U!!!
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Amazing. .
Brown hair, brown eyes, rockin body, funny.
Tayler's should be the only female inhabitants of the world.

That hott woman reminds me of a tayler.

I want my wife to be somewhat of a tayler.

An owl represents a tayler. Beautiful and exotic.
by littlebunnyboomer March 7, 2008
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Taylers are Beautiful. Normally Brown hair, blue eyes. When you meet her, she'll come off as a bitch but that's just her awkward personality. She'll seem weird at first but once you get to know her, she'll be one of the coolest people ever. She won't take your shit, so watch out if you piss her off. If she likes you, she'll always be there for you and will have a kind heart. If she hates you then she will be the biggest bitch ever. Taylers are normally very opinionated and occasionally charming.
Don't mess with that girl over there, she seems like such a Tayler. She'll fuck you up.
by Scrtwffle August 15, 2014
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Based off of "Taylor" it is a name not commonly used, but is for female girls, and people often misspell it. Its origin is english and it means Tailor Surname or Beautiful.
No no, you spell Tayler with an E, not an O!
by Mikararu April 16, 2007
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She's fucking extraordionary!! She's the dopest girl you will ever meet, so serious. She's beautiful, brown hair, blue eyes, extremely sexy body, great features. hella down to earth, outgoing, cute, funny, energetic girl. She loves to party, and go places with her homies. She has the most originally unique style. Her passion is photography and she loves music and art. She be stuntin' on the bitches in Sacramento. She doesnt depend on or trust many people, but the people she does trust mean the world to her. She always keeps her pinky promises. Shes the type of girl you can tell you secrets to, smoke a blunt and go to hyphy partys with, or do nothing and shes still cool as hell. She's so real and will tell you how it is straight up, never fronts, always blunt. JUST SERIOUSLY THE GREATEST GIRL EVER, i should get a reward. :D
Guy1: Damn, Tayler is looking hella fine.
Guy2: I know bruh, shes literally the coolest sexiest girl i know.

Guy3: I wish my girl was like Tayler!

Jealous Girls In Corner: *talking shit*
by xo420babexo December 15, 2010
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The act of starting a conversation with someone, but then only replying with five or less words back.
Taylering Person: "SO LYK, HOW WERE YOU TODAY?"

Victim: "Awful. I went to the grocery store, and there was no bagger, so I had to bag it myself. And I'm really bad at it, so when I got home the ice cream was all melted and sticky and I got it all over myself, so then I had to take a shower but then I found out that the drain wasn't working, and then I was drowning in shower water, and clumps of hair were floating around, and then the towels were all dirty, so I couldn't dry myself off."

Taylering Person: "aw 2 bad."
by DoTheShroom May 14, 2009
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Blonde, Deep inside but you cant really see it,
amokin body, awesome, your bestest buddy, RANDOMN, and well she is realy cool to meet her eyes are usualy a dark gray or an ice blue depending on her mood occasionally a dark green or a very icy green. She loves to talk. gives poeple advice, if she falls in love it is really rare, goes fort he guilt trip, loves to party, but knows when to be serious.
If you meet her in about 3 days she will be one of your closest friends.
Tayler is realy awesome totally wat i read on Urban Dictionary...YAY!
by Tayberry April 22, 2008
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