A 17 year old who was sent to jail for doing "the race." He's an insane Crip and hella Savage.
Albert: Who made the song "The Race"?
Jose: Tay-K
by WhiteSuccpremacist May 2, 2018
A nigga that did the race but his ass got caught.
Mya:What’s a savage ?
Tiana:Tay K
by Don’t Do Memes Kids July 22, 2018
An upcoming rapper that rose to fame because of his hit single "The Race". Unfortunately due to Tay-K's gang lifestyle and crimes he will probably never rise to the fame he obtained.
Tay-K spittin' so many bars he ended up behind them.
by thebigpenis42069 January 16, 2019
Tay-K is a rapper from Arlington, Texas. He got arrested in Elizabeth, New Jersey for capital murder charges. Tay-K is also known as Tay-K 47.
Jeffrey: Tay-K was gonna beat the case but instead he did the race.
by Ong fr moment March 9, 2018
A nigga who attempted to do "the race" and got his ass caught up but he still fine as fuck
Fuck, Tay K tried to beat the case but instead he had to do the race.
by Soon troy boi November 20, 2017
A nigga that did the race but his ass got caught and he's facing 55 years of prison.
Know for his song the race where he basically snitches on himself
A: That nigga Tay K must be like now "I didn't beat the case and now I'm 68"
B: Yeah nigga
by SnakeNM April 30, 2020