Tiana is the one you think is shy; she's beautiful but doesn't know it. She is incredibly gifted, but she never brags.

She is the greatest friend you could ever ask for. Tiana is always there to listen and doesn't take a good friend for granted. She will always treat you well. Tiana has respect for herself as well as others, and she is always thinking of others. She is the most loving person you know. Tiana is forgiving, but she won't be pushed around. She is strong in her values, but she won't shove her beliefs down your throat. Tiana is your favorite person. She is the one you have a million inside jokes with. She's the one you always want to be around. She's the one you laugh with every second you are together. Once you have an Tiana in your life, never let her go because you'll never find one just like her.
Tiana is an amazing human your lucky you know one
by unkown user June 1, 2017
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A beautiful women inside and out. The true meaning of her name is "Princess" and she'll do just anything to be the princess to her prince. She help you out, without needing anything in return, best of all she's an awesome friend. She's often hyper and happy all the time; but don't mess with her on a bad day. She's the best friend you could ever WISH for, and will be by your side forever, she's not only attractive, but her personality is often genuine and fantastic. She's an absolute delight, and adorably quirky. The best girl in the world.
Isaac: Dude, look at that girl over there.

Jeremy: Wow, she's beautiful! She's definitely a Tiana.
by GirlsWhoLoveRomance May 26, 2015
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Tiana is true Queen not a princess. She's sassy and completely beautiful. She gives u great advice and is very attractive and VERY SMART!! She always wants and needs to be respected. She hates when boys get up all on her. She respects herself and you.
Boy: hey bae
Tiana: bye!
by Demah1st October 28, 2018
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Tiana is one very strange girl.She is usually quiet,and always alone.She does not have a lot of friends,but the ones she does have mean the world to her.Tiana is a good listener and can always listen to your problems.Tiana is always mistreated and misunderstood because of how she is.But,on the inside,she is one sweet,caring,person,who is a really good friend
Wow....Tiana is really cool
by WoaaahhhhhTryone__21 May 30, 2018
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A stunning young lady, who captures your attention at first glance. She is whitty, charming, hilarious, a GREAT lover and always fun to be around. She's a hopeless romantic and will stop at nothing to get the boy she wants. She loves her mary jane and is a great friend to all. Tiana can be a lil' nutty, but thats only because she has such an over active mind. If you ever meet a Tiana you will fall in love and surely will never regret it.
"Let's just say, yesterday was great"
"Cuz .... I was with tiana :)"
"Dude, you are one lucky man, shes the shit!!!"
by thamacdaddie March 15, 2010
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A Crazy Hyper and fun loving girl! she always will put a smile on your face and she is a hell of a athlete. She can party till theres no tomorrow. A princess is the perfect definition,! All the guys drool over her and pray for a chance to be with her. She is an amazing actor.
Did you hang out with tiana yesterday!
yeah, man!
you lucky son of a b*****!
by Clare008 April 11, 2011
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An honest loving person, obviously Is like royalty she is very loyal towards friends she is a great actress, singer, dancer and artist most likely to become famous Tiana is the name of a goddess her highness of beauty comes in your mind all the time she is highly intelligent she would be the best friend in the whole universe and truly a beauty.
Ronald : omg did you see Tiana today?

Ferlonso: yeah see was a beauty
by Ferlanso September 11, 2018
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