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So unknown that it's better to tell people you're just from D.C.
"Where are you from?"
"Oh, have you met the president?"
by bovach March 18, 2009
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verb, intr: said of a street that changes names or suddenly ends leaving you lost or stranded. Based on the large number of streets in Arlington Virginia that have these characteristics.
I was driving up Georgia Avenue and suddenly it arlingtoned into 7th St!! Where the hell am I now?
by TheThroat April 22, 2011
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Arlington is the site of Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington County, Virginia. The population is 200,000+, and the cemetery is the home of fallen soldiers, as well as the tomb of the unknown soldier.
"Dust to dust, don't cry for us, we made it to Arlington."
by zchris87v September 11, 2006
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Official home of the Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys, and UT - Arlington which is the 2nd largest university in the UT system and the fastest growing university in the state of Texas.

Also the largest city in the Nation with no mass transit system (trains, buses, etc).

Also known as Aggtown
I'm from Arlington bitches! You better recognize!
by Arelli November 07, 2006
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Arlington is a town in Massachusetts (NOT Virginia, NOT Texas, NOT Ohio, and NOT Illinois). The town mascot is an angry indian named after a pond. All the teams are known as the Spy Ponders, except the frisbee team, which is called the Dancing Pirates, complete with their own flag, logo, and songs about eating babies. The cheerleaders suck, and have a ten-minute cheer naming all the "captains" on the football team. There are more "captains" than there are entire players on the soccer team. The town colors are maroon and grey, and there is a town song called "Red and Gray," which is boring and repetative as hell.

A large portion of the town consists of old people who are childless and old and don't support art. The kids are mostly white, Democratic, and middle class, with the occassional Jewish Neo-Nazi, though minorities do exist.

The only good elementary school is Dallin, although Brackett is the smartest. At the middle school, take Latin so that you can have FOLEY, the short, talented teacher who sings and plays the guitar in his band that performs at drunken bars. The public high school, AHS, is substantially better than the exclusive Christian private school, AC, who hate each other with a burning passion.

If you decide to visit our beloved town, please be on the lookout for two teenage twin boys who pretend to have a cult/gang called the Scorps, a wildly anti-government group.

Many teenage residents think Arlington is boring, but we do have a chilly cow.

Football Captain: "I'm from Arlington!" *manly grunt*

Cheerleader: "HEY! I bet you're from Arlington!" *giggle*
by tHe TReE PeOPle June 25, 2006
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A small dink town in Washington state filled with bitches, and skanks, and where everyone tokes up on a daily bases. Where verybody wears kandii and wishes they went to raves. Where the mayor doesn't feel it necesary to send snow plows out even when the snow is two feet deep.
You: Where are you from?
Me: Arlington, Washington.
You: ...Where?
by Mein Nachname November 27, 2011
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A small town in Nebraska with a population of around 1500 that is made up of hicks, where everyone knows everyone else's business. Located in the middle of nowhere and visitors will discover that their football team, the Eagles, suck ass.
Bobby: "Hey I'm driving to Arlington, Nebraska today."

Joey: "Haha fucker, sucks for you."
by Katastrophe16 August 06, 2009
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