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Tay-K is a rapper from Arlington, Texas. He got arrested in Elizabeth, New Jersey for capital murder charges. Tay-K is also known as Tay-K 47.
Jeffrey: Tay-K was gonna beat the case but instead he did the race.
by Ong fr moment March 9, 2018
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Mike Hawk: You’re not a clown, not even the circus, you a whole carnival
by Ong fr moment December 11, 2020
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That name is the most common rap name of 2018. For example, FEFE, ZEZE.
Here are the *E*E song names:

6ix9ine: FEFE, BEBE, KEKE
Kodak Black: ZEZE
Michael Jackson: HEHE
R. Kelly: PEPE
Bobby Shmurda: FREEME
by Ong fr moment November 23, 2018
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Bruh this is just a word don’t even bother reading this. Sorry for wasting your time
by Ong fr moment December 11, 2020
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