1. Breasts (titties)
2. Potatoes, usually mashed'
1. 'That young lady had herself an exceptional set of tatties'
2. 'Yes, I'll have the steak with tatties on the side'
by whiskymack February 21, 2004
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the southern term for "titties" or "boobs"
that girl had some big ol' tatties
by rionthelion November 4, 2010
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The point where one realizes that he or she is wasted-ass drunk. Also, the future sense of wanting to get drunk, summed up in one word.
"Man, I drank so much crown and coke...I was tatties by midnight!"

"Yo, what are we doing tonight?"
by Jeff April 15, 2005
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tatties are your bollocks
fa rrattled my tatties against her dirtbox
by mr smith March 13, 2005
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A word from the Punjabi language to say poo/shit.
Yo! That stinks, who did a tatti fam?
by urmumstatttismells July 31, 2018
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tatti is the punjabi word for poo.
yesterday after eating lots of daal and sabji i had to take a huge tatti
by Jatt punjab da March 16, 2005
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bodily waste discharged through the anus
i had just had good ass chinese food like an hour ago. i'l surely have to tatti soon! aight!
by STCTS November 19, 2004
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