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1. Seemingly useless rubbish which sits around for months and is inevitably disposed of the day before it is needed.

2. A reference to something of little or no value

3. The male genitalia

4. A kind of chinese boat

5. Heroin
1. "Where is the February 2002 issue of Playboy... it was here yesterday?!?"
- "Dude I chucked that, the pages were stuck and shit, it was junk"

2. Suped up Honda Civics and bubble gum pop music are junk

3. "Daaaamn! check this out, dude just got kicked in the junk"

4. "Did you see the Jackie Chan movie where hes fighting on the junk in Hong Kong harbour?

5. "Oi! Get off the junk and straighten up your shyte life!"
by whiskymack February 22, 2005

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1. a female of questionable character
2. a female with a scandalous sexual past
3. a dirty dirty slut
'that fem be a dirt squirrel'
'that girl is a dirt squirrel for sure!'
by whiskymack January 09, 2004

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Of Jamacian-English patois derivation, a contraction of the question 'What's going on?'
'whatagwan star, ya gunna hit up da spot tanite?'
by whiskymack February 21, 2004

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1. Breasts (titties)
2. Potatoes, usually mashed'
1. 'That young lady had herself an exceptional set of tatties'
2. 'Yes, I'll have the steak with tatties on the side'
by whiskymack February 21, 2004

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an exclamation of surprise
'Yowsa! when did your little sis sprout them tatties?
by whiskymack February 21, 2004

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a spot, place, location
made famous by Reebok's Office Linebacker, Triple T: Terrible Terry Tate
"You know you can't bring that weak ass shit up in this humpy bumpy... Bitch!
by whiskymack July 15, 2004

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Of Scottish/Glaswegian derivation: rotten, gone bad
'Oi David, sniff the milk and see if its foosty'
by whiskymack February 21, 2004

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