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a "bitch fest" refers to an unproductive meeting of people where complaints are aired. The complaints that are aired can be about anything. Often the attendees of a bitch fest meeting will dramatically complain about one another. The best bitch fests will have complaints aired that have nothing to do with the original purpose of the meeting, and end with a few of the attendees having wild temper tantrums.

bitch, a colloquial phrase sometimes used for a woman who is considered bossy, manipulative, or showing anger, is used in the term "bitch fest". This is due to the belief, by some, that women are better at expressing their feelings than are men.

Men, however, have been found to be as capable of expressing dramatic complaints as are women, and the term can be applied to any gathering of people where complaints are passionately expressed, whether attendees are men or women. bitch has now also become common slang for "complaint", which can be applied equally to men or women.

"fest" is short for "festival". This describes how a meeting becomes more of a show, or performance.
The executives met on Friday to discuss the upcoming board of directors election. At the meeting, Jim complained about the snacks, John complained about executives only making one-hundred times more than what general employees of the company make, Sally complained about her limousine, Tom screamed at Brian that he was lazy, and Brian wet his pants complaining that Tom picks on him too much. No decisions were made. It was a fabulous bitch fest.
by MarkAlfred April 28, 2007
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A group of people doing a lot of collective complaining, ie, bitching. It has nothing to do with a female dog or a negative, annoying person bitch.
We were doing our history homework, and then we all started talking about how much we hate our teacher.... it turned into a real bitchfest.
by bandcampgirl183 September 15, 2005
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A group of friends that when one starts to complain bitch the rest follow suit, causing a bitchfest. Sometimes it can even involve parental figures.
Suzie- I really hate the fact that Christina always get her way.
Shannon- I know all she has to do is go to her mom. "I have to have my phone, or I won't be able to talk to Bobby."
Serena- Let's not turn this into a bitchfest. I wanna be able to go to the movies happy.
by loveliesenorita7 March 06, 2008
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bi-tch fest Used in overly dramatic and preppy situations. Used to scare and frighten members of the opposite or same sex. Can sometimes be referred to as a bf
A: Oh my freaking god, I'm gonna have a BF!" *Antsy movements and fit approaching*
by Bunny March 24, 2005
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A cinematic subgenre of the 1930s to the 1960s. To qualify as a bitchfest, the film has to feature at least two, and preferably several, star actresses in its leading roles; and these characters must engage in vicious rivalries for men, money, success, or bare survival. Examples include The Women (Norma Shearer vs. Joan Crawford), Mildred Pierce (Crawford vs. Ann Blyth), All About Eve (Bette Davis vs. Anne Baxter), and What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (Crawford vs. Davis).
I was going to turn in, but then I saw TCM was showing The Women and I stayed up until 4:30 savoring that fine old bitchfest.
by BackrowDiva September 23, 2012
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1: (v.) For a human female to bend over, and attack another with a lethal projectile called "bitch" spawned from her vagina( See Bitch). This projectile is generally reddish in color and diametered twenty-two to forty-eight millimeters; with any lesser size considered a " Bitchlet ", and larger considered a " Garofolo ".
2: (n.) Any collective gathering which requires a court order to legally exist.
The doctor had to inform the victim’s family that their sibling died from bitchfest wounds to the face.
by Marcus Aurelius November 17, 2004
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