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A store that prides itself on working people to death. Clock in at Target and you have no idea when you're actually getting off, scheduled hours mean nothing. They have a bizarre alphabet-soup way of describing everyone's position that no one understands, and everyone in management is called some kind of "leader".
Yes, my leader! Yavohl, mein leader! Twenty people clocked in at Target last week and were never seen again, prolly still on shift cause the go-backs aren't finished.
by The Dodger September 13, 2005
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A hoaxer, claimed to have been raped and tortured by NYC police officers over a four day period. Her story was quickly proven to be a complete fabrication, but that didn't prevent Al Sharpton from turning it into an international scandal for the uninformed masses that believe everything they hear.
Tawana Brawley did a lot of damage with her lies, she should be ashamed of herself.
by The Dodger September 09, 2004
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A "gimmick" band that has outlived it's 15 minutes of fame. The band members openly admit that they are not real musicians, and that they are nothing more than travelling clowns in jumpsuits. 90 percent of slipknot lyrics consist of the word "fuck". Slipknot fans are stupid.
Latest slipknot lyrics: "fuckety-fuck fuck this and fuck that, fuckety fuckety fuck". Fuck.
by The Dodger March 24, 2005
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The U.S.branch of service that is responsible for delivering our nuclear weapons, therefore the most powerful fucking military unit that has ever existed in the world. What's unique about the Air Force is that it is the only military unit in which the officers do all the fighting, while the enlisted men sit back and deliver toilet paper or type up memos ordering officers to their death.
I'm an enlisted man in the Air Force. I'm a little non-combatant twat.
by The Dodger October 12, 2004
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A truly innovative cartoon that Nickolodean didn't appreciate and canceled. TNN tried to bring back new episodes but they truly sucked and it ruined the shows image.
I'd rather drink a bucket of vomit than watch the new Ren and Stimpy.
by The Dodger November 16, 2003
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Totally useless sack of crap, a manipulative schemer that would do anything to have her way and didn't give a shit about anybody but herself. One person that knew her called Nancy "the most unlikeable person I've ever met", which sums her up nicely.
by The Dodger November 09, 2004
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Vaudeville routine made famous by the Three Stooges.
Slooooooowly I turned, step-by-step, inch-by-inch, and then I jumped on him, and I punched him an kicked him, till he was pissing blood, Aggggghhhhhhh!!!
by The Dodger January 08, 2005
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