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Traditionally used as part of the larger phrase "To be nickled and dimed to death", referring to the undesired price of upkeep for a certain item. More fundamentally, it refers simply to seemingly hidden ongoing expenses which, over time, add up to a large expense.
That POS Ford is nickle and diming me to death.
by dave June 24, 2004
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When banks secretly charge and take money from you for stupid violations and penalties: ie ATM machines, limited checking, under the minimum balance of an account, etc. and usually result in pissing off their customers and gaining more money.
"Shit! I had $99.50 in my savings, but since the bank minimum is $100 for the account to stay active, they took out $4.50 in penalty fees!"
"Damn Tom, they're nickel and diming your ass!"
by didjitmachines June 10, 2004
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From the construction subculture, a verb meaning "the act of bargaining down a price for something way below reasonable rates."
"that contractor nickle and dimed my wages down to rates that were low for 5 years ago. But i need a jobbie real bad right now"
by ed woodro March 09, 2004
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