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A store that prides itself as being "upscale" but it is a horrible company to work for. All of the employees have some stupid abbreviation for their title. There are three types of people who work in Target; the loyalists who have a bulls eye tattooed on their asses, the people who are biding their time in between jobs, and the most tragic, the broken-spirited people who do not have the will to look for another job and take the abuse. The GSTLs are the worst people as they are drunk on their own power. The store manager is usually a figurehead. This company is like something straight out of Dickens. On top of all of this, the stores are so inefficiently run that it is a mystery that it maintains corporate status.
Target should be avoided due to its treatment of employees.
by New English June 06, 2009

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When a woman wearing a skirt or dress sits with her legs spread and gives people a view of what is underneath.
Anne was sitting in a gathering area on campus and didn't realize her legs were spread while she was wearing a skirt. She beaved several people on campus.
by New English March 29, 2009

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A person born roughly between 1972 and 1984. They were little kids in the at some point in the 80s and so enjoyed toys and cartoons from that era like He-Man, She-Ra, Care Bears, GI Joe, Transformers, Jem, etc.
Also called and 80s kid or 80s child.
A true child of the 80s remembers Nickelodeon before Nicktoons, TV without The Simpsons, when MTV played videos only, and when the Disney Channel played their movies and classic cartoons and having it was like having HBO.
by New English December 29, 2008

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This is the funk that you enter when the holiday season is over. It starts on January 2nd and lasts at least until February 1st, sometimes until President's Day. It is an unpleasant time because the holiday season is over, spring is a ways off, the weather is cold and the only movies are lousy January movies. Super Bowl Sunday can be a good cure for this condition.

For a related condition see September Blues
There are no good movies out and the holidays are long over. Some friends and I are going to play some games to help fight the January Blues.
by New English July 21, 2010

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This is the fart that is released after a massive dump. It is an all-clear sign that you are emptied out.
He had to shit after eating at the buffet. He then released a post poop fart when he got out of the bathroom.
by New English May 06, 2009

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2. The detoriation of a neighborhood, usually close to a major city. This can also happen to a downtown. Areas with urban blight often have high crime rates and unoccupied businesses and housing, often boarded up
Much of the South Side of Chicago shows urban blight.
by New English December 14, 2008

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This is the night before Thanksgiving and one of the biggest party nights of the year since this is the start of Thanksgiving weekend and most people are home for the holidays at this time.
The bars were packed on Thanksgiving Eve and I saw a bunch of my old friends from high school.
by New English March 28, 2010

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