Executives; senior board members of major businesses and organizations; currently getting a bad rap in the media, portrayed as often corrupt and money-hungry
Those ad execs are really pushy about airtime.
by alfie June 5, 2004
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Abbreviation of executives.
The execs are really pushing us hard this time of year.
by sublimal June 4, 2004
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short version of word "executive", as in to be the best in some field, or at some activity. Synonyms: best, tyte, wicked, savage.
"The Three Dots are exec. As are hot people...And sex."..."And lots of sex."
by Exec October 9, 2003
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Rami: He plays Ray Foster who is the recutive exec that basically-

The what?
by Ronnoc Yadim November 13, 2020
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The big poofy hair that asshole executive have. Looks like a wig.
Jimmy Johnson looks great in his executive haircut.
by Chosney November 10, 2003
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A guy that has no patience, he wants it done soon as he thinks about it.
He’s an Exec Boi! Always want things on his time!
by PrivatePublishers July 13, 2023
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