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A person who has become targeted by any party, organization or entity. A person can become targeted from entities ranging from corruption in business, organized crime, cults & extremists or by government. A person who becomes targeted will face campaigns of surveillance of different degrees and generally speaking campaigns that negatively impact an individual. This could range from campaigns to harass, discredit, sabotage, instill fear and paranoia, manipulate, extort, or even assassinate; among others.
John blew the whistle on wrong doing within the company he worked for and became a targeted individual.
by thatradtallguy June 10, 2016
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Targeted Individual is a person who has been singled out by a criminal syndicate called "Organized Gang Stalking." The targeted individual is under 24 hour surveillance and is stalked by large groups of various criminals. The new technologies have brought about the possibility of this crime. All of the wireless devices can be hacked and tracked. The criminals carry non lethal weapons in their cars and use them against the Targeted Individual. The weapons are both easy to buy or easy to make. They use lasers, dazzlers, hand held microwave, x ray devices, plasma beams, and other directed energy weapons. The stalkers are working full time to discredit the victims of this crime and to insinuate they are mentally ill to silence the victims. There are now so many victims that the crime is no longer being denied. Even the Department of Justice has verified the fact that group stalking is on a significant rise with a government survey. In a 2009 DOJ study verified there were a total 3,398,630 reported victims of stalking. Out of the total number of stalking victims 13.1 % documented that they had at least 3 or more stalkers. A quick average of the figures (441,821 victims had 3 or more stalkers) (200,000 victims had more stalkers than they could count)
The Targeted Individuals are now raising awareness to this crime by educating the public with websites, books,videos, and blogs.
by Pol-ka Dot September 16, 2015
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Targeted individuals are those being harassed, tortured and killed by powerful right-wing religious lunatics. The males are whistleblowers and civil libertarians and the women targets are deemed to be uppity and not servile enough. The fanatics are "pro-life", homophobic, racist and sexist and they think anyone who questions authority...such as their authority is a traitor.
A targeted individual has many Christ-like qualities.
by adrianangel October 13, 2015
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Targeted Individuals(TIs) are people who are illegally harassed, tortured, mind controlled, gang-stalked, and spied upon 24/7 by organized groups of persons. Targeting can be covert, or overt.

Mind control is a frequent report from targeted individuals. Torture is a frequent report from TIs. One frequent tactic used by the perpetrators of these targetings of people, is to use electronic telepathy technology(Microwaves/Electromagnetics - Google: Microwave Auditory Effect) on the targets to get them diagnosed as schizophrenic, so nobody will believe them.

A theme with targeting is that it is for life...

Factions within the US Military and Intelligence network are the biggest source of targeting on earth. Advanced technology is used against targeted individuals worldwide. Dr. Jose Delgado in the 1960's developed implants that could control the minds of people who have them. He later said they found electromagnetics could do all the same stuff without the need for surgery...

Targeted Individuals come in all shapes and sizes.
Targeted Individuals are very unlucky...
by Omnisense October 08, 2014
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Targeted Individuals are people who are illegally and covertly harassed, abused, gang-stalked and spied upon 24/7 by organized groups of persons.

There are several reasons why people become targets and they usually have something to do with sex and money, in that order. The targeting may have to do with a messy divorce, child custody, unrequited love, whistle-blowing, revenge, differences in social, political, or religious beliefs, etc.

Targeting for monetary reasons can include anything from denying you social security benefits or workmen's comp. to outright stealing from your bank account, from sexual slavery to embezzelment, and so on.

Targets should vehemently resist all attempts at being denied any and all kinds of government benefits. Appeal any bad decisions and if you don't like the next decision, appeal it again.

Another claim being made and that is that people might be being targeted for experimental reasons by the military or security agencies, usually, to test out how certain mind-control techniques and weapons work, which goes back to money or sexual slavery.

The main purpose of the assaults is to discredit and control targets. Harassment and abuse is often set up by corporations, businesses, organized criminals, street gangs, right-wing extremists, doctors, dentists, lawyers, or anyone who stands a chance of making any money off of targets.
Targeted Individuals are often hit with gassing (blowing noxious bio/chemical fumes into the target's environment) and they are attacked psychologically, as well. These abuses often lead to the need for psychological and physiological medical attention, thereby providing a good cash flow for the medical community and for big pharma., while taking care of someone's personal problem at the same time.
by katinthemeadows January 30, 2011
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