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Definition by Omega,
Targ is essentially taking stream of conscious writing, and applying it in a postmodern sense to describe a situation. Targ demonstrates the joy of chaos that can be found within the chaotic universe. As a way of expressing, it is available to all. As such, it has been corrupted many times by people who believe that Targ is just random images and words, instead of an attempt to humorize a particular object or theme.
Targer:Flying Soaring Falling Dying
Critic: You can't Targ for shit...
Targer: You just havent found it's relevence
Critic: What is it then?
Targer: Find it yourself...
by TeTaniwha January 13, 2005
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The pig/warthog creature from the Star Trek Klingons. Although beasts, targs are both hunted and eaten, as well as kept as house pets. Targs are identifiable largely by the sharp horns along their backs and a shaggy coat of fur.
Damn, that targ just ate my dog!

Hear is Snuffles, my pet targ. Make sure to keep small children away from her, she may get hungry.
by sparklesmalone April 17, 2005
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A corruption of the common term: bastard
It was editted down to as(s)tard a rather fun word form still in usage today- but given the continued laziness of the human tongue and the need to be discreet among the easily offended this was futher shortened down. The 'd' became a 'g' and now the word could be passed for either a fatherless ass of a person or a Klingon pet, kind of like a dog.
You targ!
by Zilya December 24, 2004
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read that other one, that is what I got from it ages ago, later I discovered it was all shit, and targ is stupid and mispelled shit, liek this siht, I can't believe what a n00b i was, :shame:

anywho, here is teh reel definition.
targ is stpuid.

I argee

I aslo think targ is stpuid
by TheTaniwha February 05, 2005
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