An omega is the lowest ranking species in the omegaverse/alphaverse universe. Unlike it's alpha counterpart, omegas are generally kind, shy, sweet, smart, and hard working. Omegas tend to have a strong, sweet scent. They don't mate with other omegas, just betas and alphas. They go through heats, which are cycles of arousal when their body is readying for mating.
Stereotypical alpha: Yeah, Adam is a total omega. He's smart and sweet but he's way too weak.
by Star_boy September 22, 2017
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fine swiss watch that is good enough for james bond and offers a much better value and is less showy than a rolex. Also the first watch to go to the moon, and still continues to be put in space.
fraco: "dude, who is doing the timing for Formula 1?"
pierre: "Omega, of course"
by administerturbo June 2, 2005
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An androgynous alien celebrity. Is in a band called Omega and the Mechanical Animals. Is a persona played by Marilyn Manson in 1998.

In his persona, he wears a woman suit with fake breasts.
by Nathan Etilrednah August 4, 2009
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Eli: Dude the gas station sells a 30 rack of beer for like $15.
Edward: Holy shit dud that's omega, lets go!
by mydogsballs February 27, 2022
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Like Alpha, an Omega is one that USED to be superior and supreme getting everything without trying. But now, they are the shell of a former Alpha that is as normal as any other person. You could call them a Beta, though an Omega is far beyond the reach of a Beta. Omega is a wise and respected animal.
{The way to apply it to humans is as shown:Omega (fe)male/Alpha (fe)male/Beta (fe)male}
Owen: What should we do? We lost our captain!
Kase: Maybe we should ask Ryder! I've heard from the captain

he knows what to do with this because he's an Omega male!
Aiken: I think we need to have either a majority vote or just
make the person closest to the rank of captain be a temporary
by A funny guy 27 September 8, 2017
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Typically referred as a Male thot.
All you're after is women and one thing. Stop being an omega!
by Kinkzz August 15, 2018
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Omega Is A Meening Of Something That's Making You Feel. Or it's a meening of Something Collosal
The Omega Feeling Crawls On Your Back
Omega Flowey Is Collosal
by Hyperdeath October 6, 2017
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