a word for someone whos gutted.. but it's better than the word gutted..
rhys: oh my god i just dropped my eggs.
hazel: TAMPING!!!
by mistress porc. September 27, 2005
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To bury an explosive device underground so it deals more damage to the surrounding area. Commonly used in strip mining.

Equated to letting off a firecracker in your closed fist as opposed to your open palm.
Tamping--Mines are considered tamped in the ground so the they inflict maximum damage.
by Jeff Met July 31, 2006
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the word for the gay mans period
I'm quite possibly tamping at the moment, i am extremely touchy about everyone and everything
by messengermatt July 11, 2009
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the act of throwing away a tampon in a public or a friends trash can without covering it, leaving it exposed for every one to see.
Dude, Sarah tamped in my trash can again. It was so gross.
by amlight May 30, 2011
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A very potent form of marijauna usually found only in Jamaca or Iowa City, Iowa. Made popular by reggae songwriter/singer Peter Tosh in his athem "legalize it". One hit of this crystally nugget is eqaul to many tokes of other kinds of grass. As one Iowa city resident states "the only thing that gets me high is tampe or mass qauntities of grass".
Buyer: What you holding?
Dealer: This shit is fire.
Buyer: Fuck that shit man i only blaze tampe.
by 411 boys April 14, 2008
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n. A man who enjoys anal sex with other men. Shortened from "dirt (or dung, crap, etc.) tamper". A butt pirate.
Will: That Jude Law is quite an attractive man.

CJ: You are SUCH a tamp.
by CJ January 31, 2004
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