(verb) interfere in something that is none of one's business.
You: Come on, tell us your plans for the party.
Me: Not now. I will tell you when that bloody bugger is not listening otherwise he will certainly meddle in and mess up everything.
by Albertina January 2, 2015
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A music album, which contains one of the longest songs "Echoes" in it, which checks in at almost 24 minutes long. Other songs include "One of these Days","A Pillow of Winds","Fearless","San Tropez", and "Seamus". Echoes is especially enjoyable if you listen to it during the end of the "2001: a Space Odyssey", (mute the movie, of course), smoke a bowl and relax, completely.
by senirevlow June 19, 2006
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Meddle has to be one of Pink Floyd's finest albums, up there with Pipers, DSOTM and WYWH.
"One Of These Days I'm Gonna Cut You Into Little Pieces"

Nick Mason's spoken line on One Of These Days, the opening track on Meddle.
by hill16 April 17, 2008
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To walk away dejectedly
Pack a jet strap and meddle the fuck off.
by oh crap November 21, 2003
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Derived from the word: "metal" and often used in the german language.
Mostly used as a greeting but can also be used as a verb to replace any action.
A: "Hello!"
B: "Meddl!"

He meddled all the way to the school.
by Haarlok March 27, 2018
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Lower case:

1. to intrude into matters that are none of your business.

2. (colloquial) Meddle (off): Mind your own business.


3. An album by Pink Floyd, in which the conception of New Age Music can be heard. See also, Atom Heart Mother and Wish You Were Here.
1. Go meddle in someone else's business.

2. Meddle off, duh-weeb!

3. Meddle was Pink Floyd's seventh album.
by Downstrike May 30, 2004
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I would’ve gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling kids!
by vizzionzz December 22, 2017
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