1. A NASCAR Superspeedway in Talladega, AL. Built by the graft and corrupt partnership of George C. Wallace and Bill France, Sr., who served as campaign manager for Wallace's presidential bid on the independent ticket in exchange for Wallace using the state's finances and his own political power to condemn land, float government bonds, and pass constitutional amendments allowing Sunday alcohol sales, to ensure that the track was completed.

2. A Creek Indian word that means "trailer park."
"White man live in Talladega, sheriff visit nightly."
by Michael DuBose February 14, 2007
When the length of the crack hair is twice the depth of the crack.
by Bruce Lynn/Brian Heath February 3, 2004
biggest,fastest racetrack in the world 2.66 miles long 200+ miles per hour in NASCAR
lets go on down to talladega to see a race
by Will2003 September 19, 2003
The funniest movie ever made. Will Ferrell is a god as a result of this movie. Simply put, without this movie, our lives would be incomplete.
"If you don't like Talladega Nights, then fuck you."
by Padilla August 17, 2006
Using your lifted or squatted truck to run someone over. Usually will happen when someone is evading someone
Well daggum JT you should’ve seen John owen do a talladega tackle with his lifted 96 Chevy against that guy who ran from the cops
by The Zandy Man April 30, 2020
1. The Mecca of Rednecks.

2. The worlds largest redneck convention disguised as a race.

3. The art of cheering on wrecks.
1. Every years thousands of rednecks flock to Talladega to worship their god Dale Jr.

2. Billy bob went to Talladega Superspeedway this year.

3. When the wreck occurred all the fans were talladegaing.
by PDESIL April 20, 2010