The “4th best high school” in Fairfax county/Virginia. Rivals are currently Madison and McLean. Most of the school is devised by the lower/middle class (Pimmit) and the Uppermiddle/UpperClass. Athletes say their sport records are the best, (when in reality is below the percentile.)

In reality this school is ONLY good by name, more than half of the students are narcissist and two faced jackasses. The white kids at the school (not all,) are undertone racist bitches. Not only that, but the boys are also heavily egotistical and pray on those who are weak and bully the shit out of the them. This especially happens when the people who bully are freshmen.

The staff are ignorant and moronic, they also do undertone discrimination. They do not help and they preach “come to us if you need help/support) but when you actually do, you get yelled and screamed at and be told to “work harder,” some teachers target students to, and act like they don’t even want to work at their job like they’re supposed to.

The girls are also heavily Narcissistic (NOT ALL), they act well mature and prepared but in reality they despise everyone in the school for some bullshit reason, they dick ride some rich douchebag boy in order to be seen as popular, they also smoke weed, and they also have sex but not say it as much as the boys. They make fun of you for the SLIGHTEST mistake,, (not all girls, but i’ve seen a lot of them and this also applies to boys too)
“This advisory lessons is all about diversity for the teachers,” *proceeds to discriminate you based on your ethnicity.*

“IB is the best diploma you can get!” (Doesn’t do jackshit.

“you wanna walk around the school and pick on some innocent bystanders for no reason?”

George C Marshall High School is the best school!” (*proceeds to say the most vile racist shit no human had ever heard*)
by TesticularTorsion007 April 24, 2022
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