to fuck a girl usually to fuck her so hard she screams
Guy 1: I was hammering a girl so hard that she was screaming daddy
by fugenuggets are yum December 26, 2019
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The act of trying repeatedly to connect to an unavailable FTP server with little or no time between connection attempts. It can be compared to repeatedly hitting the "redial" button on a telephone when dialing a phone number that is busy until the other phone is no longer busy
Most FTP sites have policies against hammering and require FTP clients to set retry times at specific intervals, commonly at least 120 seconds between each attempt to connect. Most FTP sites can also monitor for devices that hammer, and once detected the server will ban access to the offending IP address either permanently or for a limited amount of time.
by Dong Woo December 4, 2004
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When one has really intense sex with a female partner while standing up and she is between the male and wall
"I was hammering that bitch on my living room wall"
by capt.fuck-a-ho January 22, 2007
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"I can't wait to start hammering people!"
by Rip October 11, 2004
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the motion of moving your arm in a hammer smashing fashion,
Til is hammering alot while performing Buck Dich
by ja, December 21, 2005
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Tunes that are 'Well Good'
those tunes are hammering
by Grimmer July 21, 2004
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The state in which one finds themselves after ingesting large volumes of alcoholic beverages.

Symptoms include: babbling, hysterical laughter, name calling, aggressiveness, destructiveness, momentary lapses of consciousness, stumbling, vomiting, yelling, incoherent singing, falling, profanity, overeating, extreme urination, indiscriminate flirtation, bad judgment, disregard for the value of money or a propensity for excessive spending and, of course, more drinking.
After watching Frank chug his eighth glass of scotch, I walked out onto the deck and saw him pissing on my grille and cussing out my parents. He was fucking hammered.
by cabflow June 10, 2011
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