having no definite form.
At the beginning of the year, our amorphous cheerleading squad looked dreadful; but by the end of the year, theyd really pulled it together.
by Morgan T November 10, 2006
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To be used when wanting to sound like you know what your talking about when discussing art
The painting amorphs ideas of space and social situations within the art world
by Ocean gaylard February 22, 2017
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Without a clearly defined shape or form.
Today's flat-panel displays use transistors made from rigid amorphous silicon to switch pixels on and off.
by cjaxschool September 7, 2012
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Amorphous: Someone who is beyond savage. A complete badass, yet not a complete asshole, who never gets caught.

Comes from the Greek "Amorphos" which means: shapeless or without boundaries.

A true amorphous has no boundaries, no limits. The boundaries society places on acceptable behavior are as meaningless as the speed limit, and the consequences for breaking though these boundaries are as avoidable as mall security.

Being an amorphous is not something you do. It's a way of life.
Example of an amorphous: The teacher handed Qwanzauke his graded exam. It was a D. "Fuck this" he said out loud. The teacher spun around. What did you just say!?

I said fuck this, professor Bitchface.

How would you like to get a suspension!?

How would you like suck my balls?

With that he pulled a lighter out of his pocket, lit the exam on fire, and dropped it in the ground. The teacher screamed and grabbed he fire extinguisher. Qwanzauke grabbed it out of her hands and proceeded to extinguish the entire class.

Then he ran outside and hot wired the car of the cop who had just ran into the building.

15 min later he was haulin ass down the interstate with half the cops in the county and several helicopters behind him.

He soon came to a bridge where he leaped out the passenger side window, over the edge, and free fell 100 feet into the water below.

He then climbed out of the water, hopped a passing freight train, and once it arrived at the Manhattan rail yard escaped the gaurds, stole motorcycle, and sped naked through the streets of NYC.

He then disappeared into the bowels of the city, popped up behind a ghetto ass thrift store, walked in naked, walked out in style, charmed a chick at a local bar into buying him a few beers, and with 15 mins of internet research and a library printer, counterfeited a train ticket to Vegas where he made a living scamming tourists.

by Qwanzauke April 28, 2016
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A relationship that the two involved parties are either unable or relunctant to define.
Situation-based, built out of convenience/timing.
It's essential that both parties firmly do NOT want further stage the relationship.
Even though Stacie and Joe had broken up, their were still an amorphity whenever Stacie stayed overat Joe's.
by Joe November 2, 2003
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To be in a relationship that is incapable of having a title and/or label
Person1: Are Charles and Liz a couple.....
Person2: No their in a Amorphous Blob Relationship.
Person1: That makes sense
by Hade5079 April 4, 2011
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You're missing the point. If you liking me doesn't translate to or manifest in the form of anything tangible, whether or not you like me is irrelevant. It's not conflation, you've rendered yourself moot. And it's not that what you're saying is untrue BUT it seems to be the cases that anything other than affirming their love of big fat cocks is unacceptable. I'm not doing anything that anybody else isn't doing. And I maintain that my position is and has alway been: I have a right to know what's going on around me. Even if that means the people around me lose a degree of social leverage. It isn't not my responsibility to accept an

imposed form of ignorance that is used explicitly to keep me from using my own capacity for choice and keep my behavior convenient. It's only "not real" because if it IS REAL then the random circumabulation of my mind is worth more than your entire life's work. In the same way that some atheist don't want to believe that God is real because if it IS REAL it means that your soul is going to burn forever.
Hym "The problem with the assertion that an outcome is the result of *Insert amorphous abstraction here* is that the logical conclusion always leads to an existential superiority claim. Do you *Insert amorphous abstraction here* as hard as an Alaskan crab fisherman? No? So then were does the disproportionate success come from? *insert existential superiority claim* Well, you could say, 'The job has a different "type" of difficulty' BUT are you accounting for mitigating variables in your self assessment? Does association mitigate the 'difficulty' of garnering disproportionate success? Then, why are people so willing to associate with you as opposed to other? *Insert existential superiority claim* So, what is the point of using these amorphous abstractions? It's a convenient out when you're engaged in verbal conflict. You can always drag the conflict down into the realm of semantics at a moments notice. Imagine, we're in conflict over our disparate outcomes. You posit *Insert amorphous abstraction here* as justification for the disparity. I am then forced to either accept your definition of what constitutes *Insert amorphous abstraction here* (Which I have no reason to do because we're in conflict) OR I have convince you that your definition of *Insert amorphous abstraction here* is flawed or incongruous with objective reality (Which I will never be able to do because you would never render your own outcome unjustified). It's just a word-trick."
by Hym Iam February 26, 2023
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