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an app with overloading simps
friend #1: β€œwow! this app is full of simps!”
friend #2: β€œare you using yubo?”
by idkwhattonamethis420 April 07, 2020
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Like tinder for simps and friend making.
Person 1: what app is that is look cool

Person2: it’s called Yubo like it’s like tinder for making friends
by mccartyfromtheparty April 09, 2020
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A tinder for teens, which kids 13 to like 26 use to get eachothers nudes
how Yubo people be:
Mike (age 23) :”Can i have booby pics?”
Lucy (age 12): β€œUmm... Sure!πŸ˜β€
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short for "why you bitchin out?" and used as a nickname for people who

1: always bail on you
2: flake after promising/agreeing to something
John: Lets go to the gym later!
Mike: yeah, sounds like a good idea
-- later --
Mike: I can't go cause I'm really sleepy
by xredjokerx_ February 01, 2014
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yubo is a app with either cool kids or fuckboys who'll be racist
me: someone just called me a dog eater
my friend: omg are you on yubo again
by crewmate November 01, 2020
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