The rotting of one's taint caused by diabetes medicine.
That new medicine the dr put me on for diabetes helped but now I got some serious taint rot.
It refers to a nasty and oily substance forms in a crease of one's taint region when an individual gets extremely unhygienic and don't take a shower for a very long time.
Fuck Hugh! Your damn taint grease stained this poor chair!!
by JCA11 April 23, 2018
When a guy either fucks a girls taint by ramming his dick against it until it's bruised or finger blasts the taint until it's bruised
*girl* "Wow, my taint really hurts!"
*boy* "Yeah I bet, I Taint Buster 'd that with my dick last night for hours!"
by Willywilbert6969 June 27, 2015
The act of Tickling a Males Taint, Taint Tickling
I just came back from a taint tickling session” said joe
by Qeertyuiopasdfqwerty April 16, 2020
When you piss on her taint for her
I love it when he gives me a pissy taint
by Her baby's daddy February 27, 2017
When someone has a stink, and you don't know if it from the front or the back.
God damn mother fucker! What is that smell? That shit is coming out of your stink taint!
by vrmmmm December 24, 2016
The act of jerking off with your hand and dick inside her pussy at the same time
I tried banging a hooker last night but had to pull a Tainted Mushroom because she was so whalered out
by Beav Handler May 27, 2018