When going at your woman so fast and hard , you slip out and stab her in the taint...
Babe: I'm sorry for slamming my cock into your taint.. Are you ok? Can you go some more? I promise Not to taint jolt you again
by sc121800 November 28, 2014
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An archaic way to describe the vagina.
Damn baby that grip taint damn near ripped my dick off.
by FLAVORDOS January 25, 2023
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The act of jerking off with your hand and dick inside her pussy at the same time
I tried banging a hooker last night but had to pull a Tainted Mushroom because she was so whalered out
by Beav Handler May 27, 2018
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The act of master bating inside a vagina with your cock and hand inside.
That bitch was so blown out I had to pull a tainted mushroom
by Beav Handler June 2, 2018
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When take a shit so hard the water sprays your taint
Dude my shit was so big I gotta a spray taint!
by Bjs in a box April 12, 2018
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When someone says rev my taint what they mean by that is they would you to use a vibrator on ones taint
Bobby: “ hey Dave wanna rev my taint”
Dave: “ no Bobby my vibrator needs batteries
by Da real taint rev June 1, 2020
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