A brush used with talc free powder to help you apply it to your body
Fromonda Taint Brush

Bro hold up, before we go out I need to use my fromonda taint brush to freshen up the amigos.
by Lee bllack January 31, 2017
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The days between Christmas and New Years. Named for the slang of the perineum.
We're stuck here for Christmas and New Years...so lets spend the holiday taint somewhere warm.
by Michael Soldier January 8, 2011
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the cheesy growth that builds on your taint during the summer months in Florida.
I continue to scratch places in public that I would not do in private due to my taint moss.

"Dude, I smell cheese" , "No that's just my taint moss"
by captain Ream'O December 29, 2014
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The inflamed portion between the nutsac and the asshole of a man, because of extreme vaginitis.
When a man comes to a person with problems, and you tell him to not be a Taint sack due to vaginitis.
by Manfury March 19, 2016
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Taint Spray: the spray to hide your taint stank; also known as taint be gone, allows for a fresh smelling taint.
Hey billy, your taint stank. Oh. You should try some "taint spray", it helped me with my stank. Thank you Amanda, now my taint smells like dank.
by Taint Magee March 24, 2018
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Marijuana laced with other drugs such as pcp, dmt. Etc.
I was buggin out last night man!
That kid gave me tainted weed!
by CHAINsmoker June 16, 2014
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The residue that appears on ones taint after a period of no showering
Hey Jose, I haven't showered in a while i'm starting to get taint butter.
by Bobbetr January 24, 2017
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