When on a heavy drinking session the bloated feeling of too much liquid can be removed and loss of control to huge drunkeness can be avoided by voluntarily being sick otherwise known as going for a tactical chunder.
I have just been to the toilet for a tactical chunder
by Adam Forsyth September 14, 2006
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This is a chunder or puke which is invoked voluntarily through the use of a physical or physchological trigger such as shoving fingers down throat/drinking salty water or imagining eating slugs/watching your grandparents have kinky sex. The tactical chunder is widely regarded as an essential whitey management skill which can, in the right hands, prove to be the turning point for a particularly brutal session.

Those skilled enough to manage this procedure are likely to be well versed in advanced whitey management. However, for the beginner, basic post-tactical chunder guidelines should include: removal of excess sheen; consumption of fresh air, water and possibly even some solids; laying off the bong for at least 15 minutes.

Viewed as repulsive and sacrilegious by many, a voluntary tactical chunder is a far better alternative to the onset of a full-blown whitey and its associated perils. However, for those who have seen the light (and are capable of pre-whitey self-diagnosis), employment of the tactical chunder will continue to bring significant rewards.
Despite feeling a bit queasy, I took the mixed bong from Robbie and sucked it to death. Immediately, I could feel the beginnings of a potentially lethal whitey - light-headedness, churning stomach and full-body sheen. I made a swift dash to the toilet and performed a tactical chunder.
by Alastair November 17, 2003
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When in a bar/club/pub and you feel a sudden queasiness and know that you wont make it to the toilet a tactical chunder is necessary. It is a sly, subtle chunder in a bin/corner/against the bar or anywhere that is completely inappropriate. It only becomes a tactical chunder if you get away with it.
those 5 'bucas fucked me up, had to have a tactical chunder under that table.
by mandingo89 July 25, 2009
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I, like, stuck my fingers down my throat and induced a tactical chunder. Now I'll totally reach my target dress size of 0.
by JeckJeck June 13, 2011
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When someone deliberately chunders in the early stages of an evening in order to then drink more later on in the night. They can also do this to avoid chundering embarrassingly.
I'm gonna have a tactical chunder and then we can go to Smack.
by mewj August 23, 2015
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Tactical Chunder: To vomit after alcohol has been absorbed into system to make room for more in stomach
Jamo: Mate, need to do tactical chunder.
Simmo: You bloated already?

Jamo: Yeah, But im the king of chunder mate!
by Mr.TMS March 6, 2011
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Forcing one's self to puke in order to continue drinking.
"Dude can't hold his liquor. Naw, he's fine, that's legit tactical chundering."
by ThatDallyGrrl March 27, 2015
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