A phrase that succeeds in promptly ending the flow of conversation,making it awkward for everyone in the near vicinity.
Jerome: hey! hows it going man, whats new?
Stuart: My mums dead.
Random onlooker: woh, J.A. mo
by ginblo May 04, 2009
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nigerian word to refer to jamaicans
feranmi: yo jamo what are u doing tonyt.
Biancia: man ima smoke some weed..waguan
by lloyd bond September 28, 2010
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Beating it from behind. Usually going in hard and deep and making her /him crave more.
"Dude I totally jamoed that ass last night"

"Wanna jamo style??"
by rawdoginlovemaster June 20, 2016
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To congratulate yourself excessively over any success or feat, no matter how small or insignificant.
Bro, I just scored 83 points with Rasheed Wallace in NBA Showtime for N64. COME AT ME.

Bro, don't jamo yourself.
by Jefferson Rin November 02, 2011
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Jameson Irish Whiskey

A.K.A "Jamie"
A.K.A. "Mcnulty" (referenced from HBO's drama "The Wire", where detective Jimmy McNulty is frequently seen with a half pint of Jameson throughout the series).
Bartender: "What can I get you?"

Patron: "Jamo and Ginger, yo."
by Buckwild666 March 16, 2010
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The relaxed version of the name James. Could be seen as an alternative to Jamie.
Not too common in the workplace, generally used in a casual environment.
Doug: Jamo, what your plans for the night?

Jamo: Ah, you know, same old eh boy! Lets gooi!
by Irie guy April 29, 2011
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