slang for season; used to describe a time of year that various events or activities that trend
1. To describe the physical atmosphere:

Mick: "Dude it hit 60 degrees outside!" Dave: "You know what that means, it's darty szn."
2. To describe the time period a TV show airs:

Nathan: "Yoo szn 5 starts today." Jan: "I've been waiting for Thrones szn all year!"
3. To describe widely occurring events:

Ian: "Why is everyone going to Gatlinburg next weekend?" Brett: "It's formal szn bro."
by YungMeekMill April 19, 2015
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Szn is a short weird way to say season, it's mostly used for Halloween
"Hey it's almost time for spooky szn"
"Halloween szn baby"

"This szn is a lot more spooky than I thought it would be"
by Xoxo_trashbaby October 28, 2019
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Scammer zone nigga slang term for a scam zone
Dont fall for the scam bro it's a szn
by Cloutcunt69 August 19, 2019
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A phrase that an ou tard likes to say during football season while completely ignoring the fact that OU has no chance to win a natty. These ou tards are delusional asf about their football team and think the run the college football world even though their team hasn't won shit in 20+ years and won't anytime soon.
ou tard: College football season starts tomorrow, it's natty szn.
Me (an intellectual): Stfu dumbass, y'all haven't won shit in forever and you are overrated every year.
by TurnM3Up December 7, 2019
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softboi szn is a period between April 12th and July 12th where sofibois replace the population of eboys.
Man, I can’t wait to see kevboyperry during softboi szn.
by Kaylynandsammy April 13, 2019
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Starts around October when all the spooky bitches come out. Everything becomes scary and is the best season for not giving a shit and doing what you want.
I can finally be the spooky witch that I am now that it is spooky szn.
by HZPMY October 27, 2018
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So basically anytime after Spooky szn, and all you want is love and hot chocolate. Usually used by vsco girls and Olivia’s. If you hear ANYONE say this, RUN AND HIDE.
Alex:It’s November first!
Olivia: No it’s cozy szn!
by Swimmingislyfe23 October 26, 2019
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