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slang for season; used to describe a time of year that various events or activities that trend
1. To describe the physical atmosphere:

Mick: "Dude it hit 60 degrees outside!" Dave: "You know what that means, it's darty szn."
2. To describe the time period a TV show airs:

Nathan: "Yoo szn 5 starts today." Jan: "I've been waiting for Thrones szn all year!"
3. To describe widely occurring events:

Ian: "Why is everyone going to Gatlinburg next weekend?" Brett: "It's formal szn bro."
by YungMeekMill April 19, 2015
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To comprehend the fact that youre not up to date

To disrupt reactions against keen enemies
Y'all look dumb SZN

it doesnt mean that

You dont wanna fuck a round with me SZN
by Spill.dontneedthat December 11, 2018
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An alternative spelling for the word β€œson” with the equivalent meaning of calling somebody β€œbro”.
Aye szn, did you watch the football game last night?
by H-E-B April 20, 2018
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