One who does everything in his/her power to steal from another, usually by means of trickery, deceit, and force. With the accesibility and anonymousity that the internet provides, scammers have become increasingly prevalent in modern times. Usually driven by personal greed or even outright amusement, they are unhindered by sympathy or morals and are the very face of human corruption.
Everywhere on ebay, d2jsp, craigslist, diablo ii, guild wars, neopets, runescape, wow, guild wars, and virtually anywhere else you can imagine.

Vadoff: Fuck scammers
by Vadoff August 08, 2008
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A loser on neopets who has nothing better to do than to scam people out of virtual money.

I bet they won't even be able to survive one day in the real world, without trying to trick someone into giving them their wallet.
Scammer: I'll write a neomail to someone named 'trixie_gurl832'. It'll say "You have recieved a warning from the Neopets Team. There is suspicion of sabotage...yada yada yada....please reply with your username, and pas5w0rd."

Me: *punches scammer*
by Neopian November 06, 2003
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person who works harder at doing nothing than actually doing work.
instead of bitchin' about it just do it scammer.
by nicolaistrong August 11, 2005
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an asshole that cant get something themself so they scam other people that worked hard to get the item
scammer- hi wanna trade knives in mm2
after the "trade"
person- hey give me my damn godly back!
scammer leaves game
by mvyb October 07, 2020
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