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It is a very special day! The day you were born! It is also the day in which you will rise to power. Godly power. The foolish mortals will cower in fear, and gaze upon your glory. Nothing can stop you. You are a god. Rise to power. Complete what is necessary.
β€œOh man, it’s all ready July 12th!” Geez. It seems as if it’s my time to rise to power.”
by KalamataOlive October 18, 2019
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The people born on this day must be called daddy for the day ;)
Girl #1: Hey look! Her birthday is today, July 12th, we have to call her daddy for the day!
Girl #2: Hey daddy!
by emo_aphmau_kun November 08, 2019
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July 12th I a very important day where as a person of her high importance was born which they shall not be named. On this day, you have the obligation to tell a significant other of yours (family, friend, or lover) how important they are to you and your life
"Oh hey! It's July 12th! Gotta hurry up and tell my girl I love her!"
by Rando McLando October 16, 2019
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