Two men, in the crab position, getting it on. Much like two women scissoring.
by Getsomewhiteshirt November 25, 2018
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When a man loses his 'manhood'. The term sword is an innuendo for the male penis.
Abi - Haha you suck at Swords Ben.
AJ - Well it's because he has a broken sword!
Abi - It must suck having to live life with a broken sword.
Ben - I would rather have no sword then a broken sword.
by Alijohn April 20, 2008
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To have a long, sharp object penetrate you to deadly effect. Especially by a pixellated knight on a certain one-armed dragon.

Also see arrowed
"Stupid friggin' knights!"
by KHD September 25, 2003
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A ridiculous good heavy metal band formed in 2003 hailing from Austin Texas. They remind me of why I love metal in the first place. Their sound is a throwback to old school metal acts like Black Sabbath. While not the most technical band out there(there riffs kick ass though), but god damn are their songs catchy. Everyone of their songs are equally as amazing, and none of them feel like filler at all. Their lyrics mostly center on Norse and other mythological stories.

No overly wanky guitar solos, no constant double bass, no stupid cookie monster growling vocals. Just pure, raw, old-school heavy metal. The Sword is what metal is all about and are the best modern metal band within a decade.

Current albums:
Age of Winters - 2006
Gods of the Earth - 2008

All their songs are available on their myspace or youtube pages, so just type in The Sword to hear them all.(I'm not allowed to post links).

I will never forgive myself for missing them at the Metallica concert back in January
The Sword kicks your fucking ass.
by I hope Skrillex dies July 11, 2009
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Don't fuckin' touch swords!
Swords'll cut your fuckin' hands off!
by Douglas Young September 23, 2007
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A weapon from days gone by that has yet to be equalled for its sheer simplicity and elegance; A thing that at its simplest is a long knife with different rules and expectations as well as some different techniques from standard knife fighting. Also this is a weapon that inspires fear and devotion.
Just ask all the Kendoka and Martial Artists; Check out Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2. Oh, Yes; Note that the scimitar , a sword originating in the Middle East, was one that was wielded by the Saracens(Ancestors to the present day's population) and wielded "blade to the wind", the right way, to be true...

ii) In the parlance of today, however, a sword is merely an erect penis, as a nod to freudian psychoanalytic theory...
The ancient Persians had a disconcerting habit of scaring their adversaries by standing in ranks on the battlefield and holding their sword in the air and allowing the wind to be cut as it blew throug their ranks... This sort of thing was what originated the modern day military's honor guard's drill command and movement known as "blades to the wind".
by J. Michael Reiter November 7, 2004
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Verb - to be impaled by a sword.
Originally coined by StrongBad, character featured on, in the game "Trogdor the Burninator"
ex: "Trogdor the Burninator was sworded mightily by a knight in shining armor."
by Misfit September 13, 2003
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