Someone who's been through a lot, someone who is strong. Not physically, but emotionally, she once fell in love and it crashed and burn, scarring her. She is very social and has no drought of friends, but she still seems to keep to herself, worried she might get burned again. Most boys feel honored if they ever hear some of her personal feelings, they treat her like a queen because abi doesn't just open up to anyone. She wants to be unique, not like the other abby's, she is her own unique person that deserves respect.
Zack- I had her once, and I let her go, I miss abi a lot of times
Jon- Why did you ever let go of her, I wouldn't
Zack- It was impulsive, I miss you abi...
by secretly anonymous March 20, 2018
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A cooler nickname for the name Abigail. It is more interesting than the alternative which is Abby.
Person 1: How do you spell her name?
Person 2:A-b-i
Person 1:Wait, are you sure it's not A-b-b-y
Person 2:No, this Abi is way cooler and interesting then the common Abby
Person 1: Oh! You're right!
by WalrusRunner September 2, 2013
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A person who has been through a lot but you could never see it through her smile. She tries very hard to be a good person and to be kind to everyone. You could say she’s she’s shy on friends but it’s not that she doesn’t try. She’s very passionate and wants someone to love and share things with. She’s fallin in love before but had her heart broken making her scared to trust. She is beautiful but nobody will admit that. Her body is not perfect but she tries so hard. She is unbelievably strong emotionally. She’s been through a lot. She wants a honest person to love. She is a jewel, with a beautiful, tough exterior but can break with ease. Be kind to an abi because she is fragile and beautiful.
Don’t you wish you had a abi
by Woockie October 14, 2018
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A very beautiful girl and is loved by all. She has been through a lot in the past and is very sensitive so don't upset her. Abi often can get very deep and can be dark at times and could even think about the meaning of life for a long period of time. In the past boys see her as ugly or weird but as she gets older they see her as hot and attractive and girlfriend material she tends to be the girl who always has a boyfriend.
Boy1: Abi is so cute even though i thought she was a weird 8 year old.
Boy2: I know same i totally have a crush on her!
by unicornprincessXOX December 14, 2017
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A- amazing

B- beautiful

I- Idolised

Abi is the kind of girl you have to be friends with, times with her are the best because she can never stop making you laugh! She is fun to tease but after a while you will know to stop because even though she is small, she is fiesty! Abi will not put up with anything stupid! Her conversations are the best because you can talk forever with her, and about anything. She is so bright and smart, but she is not patient, she will probably end up freaking out at some point in your friendship, that ofcourse does mean YOU have to have a lot of patience. She is gorgeous but she doesn’t know it and she keeps her self consciousness to herself, although everyone tells her how pretty she is! Abi is understanding and sweet, she may come off as rude when you first meet her but she means nothing by it. Abi is organised and everything has to be perfectly layed out or she WILL notice. She is so cheeky but you wouldn’t be Abi otherwise! Overall, Abi is the kind of girl you want to have in your life, ALWAYS!
‘She is hilarious, I want to hang out with her all the time!’

‘That’s because she’s an Abi
by Pollypoopoo February 8, 2018
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She is a star

don't let her go.
She's a special girl, a full on Abi
by asfgjthecyniu February 24, 2008
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