To be attacked by flighted projectiles. A term coined by Strong Bad of Homestarrunner fame in one of his weekly e-mails.
Trogdor the Burninator was arrowed by the archers as he tried to burninate the peasants.
by uclafalcon March 18, 2003
1. To fall under misfortune or embarassment, usually suddenly, or un-expected. Especially if you have a crush on EVERY boy.

2. May cause you to exclaim, "OW! My SKIN!"
I was walkin in the mall and seen a cute boy. As I watched him, and him me, I FELL in front of him, and EVERYBODY. ARROWED!

I like Ethan, and Kyle, and James, and Brett Bretterdson.....ARROW'D!
by Astrodisiac January 17, 2006
having previously been smote by a arrow

in Teen Girl Squad, The Ugly One was Arrowed by the man from the CHILDREN van.

Also, in the game TROGDOR! you can be Arrowed by archers.
by scooby April 3, 2003
1. adj. A state in which a multitude of arrows have pierced ones skin, usually shot from the mouth of a balding man with a large bulbus head.

2. v. To pierce ones skin with a multitude of arrows.
1. adj. The Ugly One is arrowed.

2. v. The Ugly One has been arrowed.
by Cap July 1, 2004
smote was indeed the correct usage, if you actually knew the reference he was referring to.
by yo mama July 20, 2003
"Aw man! This is the worst game i've ever played!!
by Gamex August 5, 2003

'having previously been smote'

In such a construction the past participle, smitten, is used. Compare to wrote/written.
I wrote <sthg>
I smote <sthg>
It has been written...
Having previously been smitten...
by 23f4we July 28, 2003